VW Golf Cabriolet hydraulic roof hose MK1/MK2

This is brand new hydrauilc hose for VW Golfs and VW Cabrio convertibles. 1991-1993

The Golf differs from other hoses we sell because they use different pumps sometimes using the push in flange connector and sometimes using a female nut on both pump and ram.

Both can made but we would need to know which is needed.

The pump and ram fittings are stainless steel swaged on to stainless braided ptfe hose.

The hose is much stronger in regards to both pressure and general wear than the thermoplastic hoses used by the original manufacturer and as so will last as long as the car is on the road.

VW Golf cabrio MK1 & MK2

VW Golf cabrio MK1 & MK2 Hydraulic roof hose (single)

Long or short

VW Golf Cabriolet hydraulic roof hose MK3

VW Golf cabrio MK3 1998-2002

VW Golf cabrio MK3, 1998-2002 Hydraulic roof hose (single)

Driver or Passenger.