Cabriolet hydraulic roof pumps.

Many different manufactuers have cabriolet models in their range and on the outside they look very different but underneath the hydraulic systems that control it all are basically the same.


They consist of a hydraulic pump, hydraulic cylinders or (rams) and hoses to plumb it all together.

Many different manufactuers have used the same pumps and rams on their models through the years all be it at different times.


For instance the older peugeot 306 pre 98-99 used the same pump as the newer renault megan and the newer 306 uses the same as the older magan. Many Golf and Audi's have also used the same pump over the years.

Where it gets tricky is with the pump and ram combinations. No two different models have used the same pump and ram at the same time, making the use of one cars hoses unusable on another car.


Fortunately as we make every hose to order its easy to make a hose at any length with any combination of fittings to suit any vehicle out there.

Old style pump. hoses exiting through plate.

New style pump. hoses exiting individualy via torex screws.