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  • Andy Schultheis USA (Saturday, November 03 18 07:54 pm GMT)

    Chris thank you for getting that perfect fit hose for my cabrio. very good business practice. Now would you like me to pack up the first hose and attempt a return as this double female hose isnt something I'll be using.
    Once again thanks for getting it to me quickly.
    Already out for a ride with top down,sweet!

  • Timothy Martin (Wednesday, August 08 18 01:11 pm BST)

    Chris – the new line arrived, fits perfectly and all operating well. Thanks very much – hope you don’t mind but mentioned your good work on a forum as it was much appreciated!

    FYI Aston Martin told me the OEM hose would be over $600AUD and take 10 days to find its way to Australia……your solution superior on all fronts……

    Thanks again,


  • Attila Sörfőző (Monday, June 18 18 03:15 pm BST)

    One of my Astra G hoses gave up recently. The official Opel service in Serbia sells them in pairs, and they would've cost me 820 euros (around 720 pounds). The same two aftermarket hoses from Hungary cost 600 euros (525 GBP).

    And here I bought all six for 250 GBP or 300 euros. Great quality and customer service from Chris Porter.

    Many thanks.

  • Robert Kolenda (Wednesday, June 13 18 01:39 pm BST)

    I ordered the complete hose set for my daughters 2002 93 Saab . The set arrived in less than a week to the United States . Very high quality set and a perfect fit . Top now operates like new . Highly recommended.

  • Mark sampson (Friday, April 13 18 11:30 am BST)

    What a great service delivery within 24 hours
    Chris is very helpful and the price is 10 times cheaper than main dealerships

  • Mark Sampson (Friday, April 13 18 11:25 am BST)

    What a great service delivery within 24 hours
    Very helpful and price 10 times cheaper than main dealerships

  • chris porter (Tuesday, February 06 18 05:01 pm GMT)

    This is Chris, i run the company.You may notice that the last customer comment was in 2016. This is purely because i myself know how annoying it is to receive an email from every company every time you purchase something asking you to rate their service.
    We are still running and have been solving hood issues and making people happy.
    Many Thanks.

  • Daniel Fleischer (Friday, January 12 18 10:49 pm GMT)

    I purchased a hydraulic hose for my BMW Z4.
    The hose came along with a new bolt for the banjo fitting and a set of copper washers.
    Iam very delighted with the workmanship and the quality of the product. This steel braided hose will definetly " last as long as the car is on the road" (probably even longer).
    Best regards,

  • Chris Richards (Saturday, July 15 17 07:06 pm BST)

    Very helpful and quick servicefrom Chris Porter. Solved my problem with my Alfa Spider 916 perfectly

  • rene (Monday, August 15 16 07:07 pm BST)

    super product best Price the hoses fit perfect thanks from me and my astra from bavaria

  • Marco Maggi (Tuesday, August 02 16 10:44 pm BST)

    Hello excellent product, good price and fast shipping.

  • Terry Hart (Tuesday, July 26 16 02:14 pm BST)

    I have recently had problems with my 12 year old Astra G cabriolet in Spain, with initially 1 burst hose, followed by others.

    On checking the web, I found that CRH appeared to be the best option.

    I called Chris Porter on ext 226 and made almost immediate contact. I am not a mechanic and therefore know very little about the problem. Also, due to bad wear and tear and degradation of the hoses,
    I was unable to identify the serial numbers of the broken hoses.

    Chris was able to 'walk me through' the diagnosis of the problem and was able to identify very quickly, which of the hoses needed replacing.

    The product was dispatched within hours.

    On receipt, I examined the hose and as it said on your website, the quality of the product in far superior to the original, (which clearly is built to fail after 10 years).

    I am delighted with the quality of the product.

    Since my initial call to Chris, I have had cause to call and place subsequent orders, replacing all 6 hoses (which I really should have done initially) and on each occasion his understanding of the
    problem and the best solution were exact.

    I am very grateful for Chris Porter for his excellent customer service and to CRH for having excellent products and flawless customer service. I would be happy to recommend CRH to any and all Astra

    Yours sincerely

    Terry Hart

  • Euro Motors LLC (Wednesday, July 06 16 01:48 pm BST)

    Excellent product and pricing!!
    Chris was very helpful with all of our questions on the SAAB Roof Hoses and shipping was quick even to the US.
    I highly recommend the product.
    Everything worked perfectly.
    Thank you!

  • Darren Brown (Monday, July 04 16 09:08 am BST)

    I was very pleased with the convertible top latch hoses that I purchased from for my 1999 Jaguar XK8. All of the distributors here in the USA that I found for this item
    wanted a premium just because they were for a Jaguar. The quality appears to be much better than the original ones and they fit and worked great. It was just the solution I was looking for as I was
    preparing to sell the car and didn't want to spend a fortune on the part alone.

    Darren Brown

  • Chris Hall (Monday, July 04 16 09:07 am BST)

    Great service, and the hoses are excellent, no longer getting showered in hydraulic oil.

  • Mike Wellman (Monday, July 04 16 09:02 am BST)

    Thanks for contacting me regarding the roof hose purchase experience.
    Your website was very easy to navigate and made my purchases very easy to complete. The roof hoses, I have ordered twice from your site, always arrived promptly and packaged well.
    The quality of the hoses do indeed seem to be superior to the original equipment.
    I have replaced three of the four hoses and probably should have ordered the complete four hose package from the start.
    Thanks for providing this service.

  • Andrew (Monday, July 04 16 09:01 am BST)

    Hi Chris

    Very pleased with the service, speed of delivery and quality of the product. Roof is working well again.

    Thanks regards Andrew

  • Daniel Richt (Saturday, July 02 16 11:58 am BST)

    I only order one hose to our Saab 9-3 cab, they have very weak originally hoses so...
    The quality on the hose was excellent.
    Service was very nice, good contact by mail an so on.
    Delivery-time was a bit long, maybe Chris got his hands full of orders, that happens when you got an popular product ;-)
    I'll recomend this product...
    Over and out from Sweden !

  • Shane Stewart (Saturday, July 02 16 02:34 am BST)

    Hi, I purchased a full set of roof hoses for my daughters TS Astra (Australia) at a very good price repairers in OZ just want to rip customers off.Chris was very helpful Thanks again

  • Don Lazar (Friday, July 01 16 01:46 pm BST)

    Very well done!! Bought hoses for my 2000 vw cabrio convert top..length,diameter,fittings-all spot-on..tear down to bleeding of system 2 hours..cheers,gents! Thank you...

  • Sam knox (Friday, July 01 16 08:58 am BST)

    Hi Chris

    Great service thanks very much. Exactly what I needed for a good price and arrived all the way in Australia very quickly.

    Thanks again.


  • Paul (Friday, July 01 16 08:57 am BST)

    Hi chris
    The pipe set was for my daughters convertible.
    They were delivered very quickly and were a very good quality looking part.
    I own a saab repair shop in Australia and will be in touch again when I need more parts

  • Lee White (Friday, July 01 16 08:56 am BST)

    The service I received from Cabriolet Roof Hoses was excellent. Telephone advice very helpful and fast delivery of the required part direct to the garage on my behalf at a fraction of the price
    quoted by main dealer. I would not hesitate to recommend them.

  • Andrea (Friday, July 01 16 08:55 am BST)

    Hi Chris,

    This is my feedback:

    Perfect part like the original one.
    Great, fast and reliable seller.
    Available also after the purchase to chat about installation problems.
    Number 1: top seller!


  • Wayne Koschinski (TS Astra) (Thursday, June 30 16 11:09 pm BST)

    I purchased a complete set of hoses for my Astra. They cost a third (!!!!) of what I would have had to pay for them in Australia. Super cheap postage too. My hydraulic mechanic was so impressed, that
    they were going to source hoses from Chris in the future.

  • Richard Mills (Thursday, June 30 16 10:43 pm BST)

    Hi, I needed a hydraulic pipe for my Ford Focus CC. I contacted Chris and explained which pipe it was and gave a rough measurement of its length. Chris knew which pipe I needed, processed my order
    and sent it out to me promptly by first class service. I would highly recommend this service.

  • Menno Dros (Thursday, June 30 16 06:30 pm BST)

    I am very satisfied about your service: the hose arrived within 5 days (I live in The Netherlands) and matched perfectly!
    So I have been enjoying roofless driving for quite a few weeks already (between the showers that is)

  • Daniel O'Keeffe ( Altrincham service centre) (Thursday, June 30 16 03:34 pm BST)

    I was in need of a pipe for a focus cab. I had no part number yet chris knew exactly what I required and had it ship extremely fast. I was genuinely gob smacked with how impeccable the service was

  • JW Tielen (Peugeot 306 cabrio) (Thursday, June 30 16 03:19 pm BST)

    in order to exchange one of the leaking hydraulics cables of my peugeot 306 system, I was triggered by one of the fora about repairing convertibles mentioning your firm and the quality of the cables.
    Looking at your website I found the price was right so I ordered one cable that was delivered shortly after. From the looks of it, the cable seemed to be very good and installation was no problem. I
    am very happy with this hose and the fast delivery!

  • Stevie McClintock (Thursday, June 30 16 03:07 pm BST)

    Excellent product and first class service,would highly recommend.
    Focus cabriolet.

  • K cooper (Thursday, June 30 16 02:53 pm BST)

    A 110 percent company this is the second time I have purches goods been right will buy again

  • Keith L Mildenhall (Thursday, June 30 16 01:59 pm BST)

    Hi Chris

    After my Jaguar convertible burst a hose and covered the central console in hydraulic fluid, I purchased a new set of hoses from you on the recommendation of my local (and much trusted) garage. In
    that they were cheaper than Jaguar replacements, tested to a much higher pressure and dispatched quickly, I was delighted with my purchase. I might add that communication with you to ensure the
    correct parts was first class service. Suffice it to say the installation went smoothly and my hood is restored. A pleasure doing business with you and many thanks.

    Keith L Mildenhall (Jaguar XKR)

  • Stig Buraas (Thursday, June 30 16 01:54 pm BST)


    It was a lot of work, becauce it was the to longest roof pipes on a Audi 80 1995. They look strong and they still working and i hope they will for a long time. Good service.

    Thanks and have a good day

    Stig Buraas

  • Jeff Mott (Thursday, June 30 16 01:53 pm BST)

    Hi Chris,

    The new hydraulic hoses from were the right fix for my VW Cabrio. I really appreciate the personal assistance, and the time you spent answering my questions. The quality and
    price of the hoses were outstanding, and they were a turn-key solution to the blown line I had on the original hose. Given the nature of the problem, it didn’t make sense not to replace all the lines
    at once. I’m glad I did – in replacing one of the other hoses, I could see it was about to fail soon, too. Problem solved – permanently. Thank you!

    Jeff Mott

  • Boy Smits (Thursday, June 30 16 01:51 pm BST)

    Hi Chris,

    Your hoses really add the 'Performance' part to 'Hel Performance'.
    I'm really satisfied with these high quality hoses.
    My Pug 306 opens and closes better than ever before.
    If only the weather would play along...

    Greetings from the rainy Netherlands,

  • Thomas Skare (Thursday, June 30 16 01:50 pm BST)

    I am very satesfied with the hoses, perfect fit, good quality, nice price!
    Recomend it to all 207cc owners!
    Thomas Skåre

  • Ahmed Youssef (Thursday, June 30 16 01:48 pm BST)

    Hi Chris

    Product was of high quality. Packaging and delivery were both excellent also. Using your product allowed me to make great savings on my roof repair which had been deemed as a write off by the dealer
    as a result of a hydraulic leak.

  • Jeff Wagner (Thursday, June 30 16 01:44 pm BST)

    We have a small side business restoring Saab cabrios, and Chris is my go to guy for hydraulic hoses. The products are top quality, and I receive the parts faster than getting then domestically here
    in the states, at prices that can't be beat!

  • john appleton (Thursday, June 30 16 01:40 pm BST)

    very quick turnaround after hose was ordered, only problem i found when fitting was small circlip that holde sthe hose in place at pump end was a lttle weak compared to the original part

  • Robert (Friday, October 09 15 01:04 pm BST)

    After one of the original hoses split on my Volvo I ordered up two hoses ( I found another about to split ) and after verifying the sizes required, Craig made up and sent my new hoses along with some
    oil. After an hours work all replaced and working a treat. Thank you.

  • Marco Maggi (Thursday, September 24 15 10:47 pm BST)

    Awesome product and fast delivery! Thank you


  • John Smith (Wednesday, September 16 15 09:53 am BST)

    Hello chris was made up with the service I received parts were great thanks very much will be using your company again thanks again

  • Lee White (Wednesday, September 16 15 09:52 am BST)

    Fast efficient service, eventually needed 3 roof hoses replaced each transaction was dealt with effectively, and with great attention to customer service. I would not hesitate to recommend Chris to
    anybody requiring replacement roof hoses for their cabriolet.


  • Alan Caddy (Monday, September 07 15 09:53 am BST)

    Hello. In researching our convertible roof problem we talked to several professionals who deal with such things, including yourself, & the general thing we learned is this is quite a common
    problem. Not just on Jaguars, but any & all makes with a hydraulic latch. Therefore, as it is such a major task to strip the car & replace these essential pipes we wanted the peace of mind,
    knowing we had used a 'better than O/E' part. I'm glad to say, & with the agreement of our friend & mechanic who carried out the work, your product gives us that. Thank you for your help
    & advice, prompt service & delivery & good quality product. I would whole heartedly recommend you & your services to any & all who find themselves In the unfortunate situation of
    burst roof pipes, oil shower & major headache this problem provides. Thanks again.
    Kind regards,
    Alan Caddy.

  • Kerry Tyers (Monday, September 07 15 09:52 am BST)

    Hi Chris,
    Your service is second to none. You were extremely helpful over the telephone giving great advice. Once the order was placed, I received confirmation via email and got the items delivered the very
    next day. Brilliant customer service and can and will highly recommend your company.
    Kind regards

  • Massimo (Saturday, September 05 15 07:38 am BST)

    I found Chris very helpful and extremely knowledgable; the hoses are much better than the manufacture original.
    Received the hoses for my Alfa in Italy in less than a week. It was a perfect fit and the Spider is back on the road as good as new again.
    Very happy customer!
    Thank you
    Kind regards

  • Paul Gurney (Friday, September 04 15 09:55 am BST)

    Many thanks for your note. I was delighted with the speed of service and the quality and price of the product.
    I would not hesitate to do business with you again.
    Regards Paul Gurney

  • Andrea Lorigiola (Friday, September 04 15 09:54 am BST)

    Hi Chris,

    This is my feedback:

    Perfect part like the original one.
    Great, fast and reliable seller.
    Available also after the purchase to chat about installation problems.
    Number 1: top seller!


  • Stuart Stark (Friday, September 04 15 09:53 am BST)

    Hi Chris,

    I was very happy with the replacement hose - looked even better quality than the original, and an easy fix as all parts needed were included. Now all fitted and working fine.


  • Todd Minnigh (Friday, September 04 15 09:52 am BST)

    Thanks Chris,
    The hoses arrived on time and met expectations. They had different fittings but worked perfectly without modification. Chris was helpful in clarifying our questions.
    We had a good experience with HEL and would recommend them to others.