Convertible Hydraulic Roof Hoses From Hel Performance.

Every time the sun comes out and you put the soft top down, you could be gambling that one of the hydraulic roof hoses might burst at any moment, causing a costly mess and a major inconvenience.


This happens because the old worn out roof hoses have a shelf-life of 10 years at best. The tired plastic becomes weak and they have a habit of kinking and getting trapped, resulting in a major leak and total roof failure.


We offer direct replacement hoses at a fraction of the cost from a main dealer. Whether you own a Peugeot 306 or a Bentley, our prices are exactly the same, except for very long hoses.


And not only are we cheaper than a main dealer, our upgraded stainless steel braided hoses outperform the old plastic hoses in every single way.

We're so confident they'll last longer than your vehicle, we offer a no-quibble lifetime warranty with every hose. 

The Hoses.

Our hoses have a tough PTFE inner, wrapped in a stainless steel braid and coated with a wipe-clean PVC coating. This triple layer of protection ensures the hose will never kink or burst by getting trapped.


To ensure a leak-free connection, we attach our custom-made fittings directly to the hose using a highly calibrated industrial swaging machine.


Most of our hoses have an outside diameter of 7mm. On vehicles with a complex hydraulic system, we use a 5mm diameter hose to make fitting easier.


Working Pressure.. 4250 psi

Burst Pressure.   12,750 psi

Working Temp. -70° + 260°

Why Us ?

Why Us?

HEL Performance have been trusted for over 25 years making performance hoses for riders and drivers all over the world.


Our CNC department designs and manufactures all our fittings from our newly built premises in Exeter, Devon. We have our machines running 24/7, keeping us topped up with shiny stainless steel parts.


We test our hoses regularly and have been awarded certification for you to use them anywhere in the world. 

Second Hand Warning !

We’ve had reports of customers purchasing second hand hydraulic roof hoses from ebay and other market places, which have gone on to either burst or leak within a few weeks of being fitted.


We think this is because the old plastic hoses are so poorly made, even just removing them once could cause enough damage for them to blow.


Each model seems to have a couple of problem hoses which have a minor design flaw. on the Jaguar, Saab 93, and the Peugeot 207, it is the front latch hoses. If you replace with second hand hoses you are more than likely fitting a product with the same issue.


Save yourself the hassle and fit our stainless steel braided hoses for total peace of mind.

Vehicle Not Listed?

A lot of manufacturers share the same fittings on their hydraulic pumps and rams. So, with a little bit of information we should be able to make a brand-new hose for any vehicle.


Contact us and we'll be happy to help.