Cabriolet hydraulic roof hoses from Hel performance.

Owners of older convertible cars of 10 years plus will be finding that each year as the sun makes an apperance and its time to take the soft top down they could be faced with an annoying,messy and sometimes costly issue of a burst hydraulic roof hose.


This is because the original manufacturer hoses only have a shelf life of about 10 years, couple this up with the fact that the hoses are not that strong in the first place. You are then left with weak hoses that have a habbit of kinking and becoming trapped causing major leaks and roof failure.


We can offer direct replacement hoses at a fraction of the price of originals and which are well over specced for the job in hand in terms of both strength and pressure.


You also wont be penalised for owning an expensive vehicle as each hose costs the same price regardless of make or model, the only increase is for very long hoses so you pay the same price for a hose off an old Peugeot 306 as you will for a hose off a new Bentley.


Working Pressure.. 4250 psi

Burst Pressure.   12,750 psi

Working Temp. -70° + 260°

When you choose a Hel cabriolet roof hose for your convertible you can be sure that your getting a quality product from a trusted performance hose manufacturer.


Hel are market leaders, with over 25 years experience in the hydraulic hose market and any hose you buy will be made to the same high standards that have been keeping riders and drivers safe, both on the roads and on track all over the world.


Each hose is made of a stainless braided PTFE hose with full stainless fittings throughout insuring a better performance both in terms of pressure and general wear and tear. There is no chance of the hose bursting due to becoming trapped or kinked and should out last the car.


Some hoses are dash 3 and some are dash 2 as a lot of newer models need the smaller diameter hose to make fitting easier,as the more complicated hydraulic systems require more hoses.

Feel free to call if your car is not listed.

Dont worry if your car is not listed as many manufacturers use the same hydraulic pumps and fittings on the hydraulic rams. so with a bit of information we'll be able to make a new pipe for any vehicle. astras, escorts, mercedes, bmw, saabs...etc

Give us a call and we'll be happy to help.